Posted by: foxhillmediacenter | December 15, 2015

Finishing Our Explorer Projects

Here is the assignment for the Explorer Project that was first posted on Mrs. Lee’s blog. I’m reposting it here so you can double check that you’ve got all the elements that the directions ask for before you hand it in. Please see me if you need any help with checking over your writing, or if you need any help with Book Creator, Skitch, or exporting and sharing your final project.

Explorer Project

Explorer Project Directions

Explorer Project 2015

You will create a book about an explorer and the effects of his explorations using Book Creator.

Step 1: From the list, choose an explorer you’d like to know more about, one we have studied or one we haven’t. Ask questions

Step 2: Research your explorer; take notes in your own words. Use books, textbook, Internet… You will do this at school and at home.

Step 3: Write your draft; revise and edit

Step 4: Create your book.

Your book will include…

  1. Cover page – Title, image, and author
  2. Table of Contents (subheadings and page numbers)
  3. Map ( use SKITCH app to trace routes of explorer)
  4. Bibliography – Citation page for images, facts (at least 2 sources)

Your writing should include:

  1. Reasons for exploration – Why was he exploring?
  2. Country explorer was from
  3. Country/region explored
  4. Interesting information about voyage(s)
  5. Impact/results of exploration – conflict? cooperation?
  6. Basic who, what, when, where, & why info


  1. “Fun Fact” page – miscellaneous, interesting information
  2. Glossary
  3. Voice recording

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