Posted by: foxhillmediacenter | October 11, 2013

Learning to use BrainPop!


One of our best educational resources at Fox Hill is BrainPop. Students love these short animated movies that are fun, funny, and above all educational. For those unfamiliar with BrainPop, they are short, between two and seven minute, movies that feature Tim, a human, and Moby, his robot pal. Through their adventures they explore and explain a wide variety of topics. They post a free movie each day which can be viewed via the free BrainPop app or on their website at

The BrainPop app is also a great way for students to start developing their independent research skills. This week students in third grade were learning how to navigate the app by both searching and browsing through first broad topics, and then more specific. Learning how to use the app help students develop skills in categorizing and classifying as well.

This week, BPS Educational Technology Director Dennis Villano was on hand to view a lesson and take a picture. Guess what? Tim and Moby responded to us!

photo (1)

Everyone was doing a great job learning how to navigate the app and everyone equally enjoyed watching a few BrainPop movies and learning with their friends!



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