Posted by: foxhillmediacenter | April 12, 2012

Grade 5 – Newbery and MCBA book reports

This week Mrs. Jaffe’s class picked MCBA and Newbery award winners for their book reports. To start students off and to help them choose a book that is right for them, I created a display and resource lists. The resource lists are posted here as PDFs if you need to take another look at them. Remember, these don’t include every Newbery and MCBA book we have. It’s just a resource to get you started and to encourage you to explore on your own.

MCBA list in PDF format

Newbery list in PDF format

Also, on the back door we have a poster that shows all the Newbery Award winners! It’s a great place to check to find a great book.



  1. Where can I find a poster of the Newbery Awards to the present day?

    • Hi Sherry. I order most of my books from a company called Follett. Each year they send me an updated Newbery, Coretta Scott King, and Caldecott poster. Perhaps try contacting them for one.

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