Posted by: foxhillmediacenter | March 26, 2012

Using the Follett Shelf for e-books on iPads.

The e-reader that we will be using for our e-books is the Follett digital reader. This can either be viewed on a home computer or laptop, or on an iPad using the Follett digital reader app. This app is free from the iTunes store and can easily be found by searching the store for Follett.

If you’d like to access our e-books using a home computer or laptop, visit the Fox Hill Library e-book site at:

If using the iPad app, enter wbb11455 in the library URL field. See the iPad screen shot above to see what this looks like.

Next, enter your student ID number and password. Again, see above to see what this looks like. Then tap on connect.

After you’ve entered your username and password, our Follett Shelf will come up. If you look at the covers of the books, you’ll notice they’ll either have a a green IN or a red OUT in the upper right corner. Just like a physical book, you can check out the ones that are IN. You can’t check out ones that are out.

You’ll notice that in the lower right hand corner of some of the book covers, there is an infinity symbol. It looks like an 8 turned on its side. Books with this symbol are called “unlimited books.” More than one person can view these at once. They’ll always be IN and available for viewing.

Next, click on the book you want to read. This page will come up showing that the book is IN and this page also provides a short summary, which can helpful if you’re just browsing for something new to read.

Here’s a tip: If you’re clicking on a book cover and it isn’t opening or it’s not working, you may need to temporarily allow pop ups on your iPad. This can be done in the iPad settings.

Once you’ve decided on your e-book, tap on the ‘Check Out Online.’

After you have checked out your book, you can tap on “Read Now.” and then your book will open!

There is your e-book ready for viewing!


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